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Piano Lesson

What is the scholarship program?

One of our goals as an organization is to provide scholarships to students who have achieved the highest marks in music examinations as offered through the Royal Conservatory of Music, Conservatory Canada or any other nationally recognized examining system.

Preparation for a music conservatory exam requires a great commitment of time and effort on the part of the student. As music educators, we feel strongly that when a high standard is achieved, it should be recognized in order to encourage our students to continue to strive for excellence. These students are acquiring skills, knowledge and enhanced enjoyment of the arts, which in turn enrich our lives for years to come. 


Donations received last year enabled us to award 24 scholarships and 23 honorable mention awards totaling $3225.00 to students from Olds and the surrounding areas. These scholarships were presented at our annual Fall Recital held in November. This was a tremendous show of support and encouragement to these students. 

Our 2020 Virtual Fall Recital can be viewed by clicking here. 

ODMTA Scholarship Winners 2019.jpg

2019 Scholarship Recipients

How did the program begin?

The scholarship program was initially started by Jean Rix, a piano teacher living in Olds who was a long time member of the IODE, Baron Tweedsmuir Chapter. She had a vision to encourage senior level piano students to continue their training by providing an award for the highest exam mark received. This vision has continued to grow thanks in large part to the continued generosity and support of several Olds and area service clubs, businesses and individuals.

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